Professional Hunting Guide

Professional Hunting Guide

The West Coast of the Olympic Peninsula near Forks, Washington, offers some of the most sensational hunting in Washington. The Roosevelt Elk that live here have some of the largest racks in the world.

Also, there are some nice blacktail deer, with some 4 point bucks taken every season. 

Bow hunters can be accommodated if that is their preference. 

If you're ready for the time of your life, come and hunt the rugged, but comfortable, Western Coast of Washington.

Hunting Schedule

  • You arrive the night before.  
  • Get a good night's sleep.  I recommend the Forks Motel.  
  • We meet at the the  Forks Coffee Shop, have a great breakfast (you are responsible for your own meals) and then depart for the hunting.
  • The hunting is conducted in the abundant forests of the Olympic Peninsula beginning just a short distance from Forks.

    The logging roads are scattered throughout the forests which allow penetration into the deep Olympic woods. The hunt will be a combination of driving and walking into strategic sites to find the herds of elk or the elusive blacktail deer.